Top 5 Reasons to buy a Condo in Thunder Bay

Top 5 Reasons to buy a Condo in Thunder Bay

More and more people in the real estate market are looking to purchase a condo instead of buying a house or renting an apartment.

Why should you purchase a condo – specifically Hillcrest?

Below are the 5 top reasons condos are so hot right now…….

  1. Upkeep & Maintenance not required –One of big that so many people prefer a condo is the fact that they do not require the same type of upkeep as owning a house. There is no mowing the lawn or pulling weeds, no shoveling the snow or cleaning the gutters, no painting the house or washing windows. In addition to these not being the most favourable tasks, many people today simply do not have the time for regular maintenance due to family and career. Hillcrest Condos has a property management team that takes care of all these responsibilities for you.
  2. Amenities – When you buy a condo, you also buy the “right” to a number of amenities. Since all of the money put into the condo is shared by everyone living in the building, you can access many of the luxuries that might be difficult to have on your own. Here at Hillcrest Condos you can work out in our onsite gym (Old School Fitness) without a monthly fee, host an event in one of our common areas with kitchen facilities and throw a party in the original auditorium space (Heritage Hall). To start your day off perfectly or end it on a great note you can watch the sunset or the sunrise as well as enjoy every view Hillcrest has to offer from the rooftop patio. Have a guest coming for a few night? Reserve the “Hillsuite” accommodations for them. Have a small dog or cat that loves to socialize? No problem, bring them over to the “Bark Park”, Hillcrest’s pet friendly fenced in area.
  3. Socialize – If you want to make new friends or expand your social circle or want a change, living in a condo can make this happen! When you purchase a condominium you also get a community, therefore when you buy a condo at Hillcrest you immediately are provided with a new group of friends that you can get to know and enjoy. And for those days you want to have privacy and keep to yourself Hillcrest Condos is situated in a well developed neighourbood and an area with plenty of shops, restaurants, parks and schools as well as a great walking district.
  4. Security –The most important aspect of condo living whether you are a first time home buyer or a retiree is feeling safe and secure in your surroundings. Locked entries and a door-entry system with an intercom in the main entrance to offer peace of mind.  There are also many people around in case of emergency and the parking lot is well-lit.  Hillcrest is a considered a high rise building with 4 stories, the most popular condos for security would be a large building that has many levels. Additional benefits would include secure access, mail box in front lobby and elevators to all floor as well as a safe neighbourhood.
  5. Investment – Thunder Bay has been ranked by a National Magazine the #1 city in the country for purchasing an investment and/or rental property.


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