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10 Considerations When Buying A Thunder Bay Condo

10 Considerations When Buying A Thunder Bay Condo

A positive change is about to happen in your life. You’ve come to the decision to buy a condo in Thunder Bay! This is an exciting step in your life, and all of us at Hillcrest Condos are here to assist you in the process. Listed below are 10 important things to consider when buying a condo in beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario. Once you reach the end of this list, you’ll have a better grasp of why the condo life here at Hillcrest is made for you.


One of the biggest benefits of living in a condo is you have less responsibility regarding maintenance. Wear and tear is a natural occurrence that cannot be avoided. However, living in a condo will provide you with further peace of mind, and more time for you to concentrate on other things. You don’t need to worry about shoveling snow in the winter, cutting grass in the summer, cleaning out gutters in the fall or patching leaky roofs in the spring. This maintenance is all done for you. Owning a condo allows you to have a home that will be easy for you to care for. Your condo chore list will definitely be much smaller.


Every condo has a balcony or outdoor space & gas line

Living in a condo does not mean you completely have to compromise your living space. Within the Hillcrest Condos, we are proud to have very spacious units available to you in various layouts including: a loft-style / high ceiling layout, a two-bedroom layout, a two-bedroom plus den layout and a one bedroom plus den layout. Square footage ranges from 800 square feet all the way up to 1,600 square feet. You may be wondering about outdoor space, and not to worry! Within the Hillcrest Condo, every condo has a balcony or outdoor space equipped with a bbq gas line PLUS a common amenity included is a spectacular rooftop patio.


Being the only one of its kind, this Thunder Bay condo development hosts unheard of amenities that are not available anywhere else in Northwestern Ontario. The Hillcrest Neighbourhood Village Condo development team understands the increased convenience in condominiums that possess added benefits and features provided by having useable common amenities for residents. The Hillcrest Condo will contain the following common amenities:

  • Full Gym & Exercise Area: this won’t be a poor excuse for a gym, this will be the real deal.
  • Common Elevator: save your knees and skip the stairs.
  • Guest Suite: you’ll be the perfect host! Offer your out-of-town guests a night in a suite of their own right inside the condo building.
  • More wonderful amenities like the the auditorium-style movie theatre, 2 multi-use lounges, and a gorgeous rooftop patio.

You’ll have the convenience of all these amazing things under one roof, just steps down the hallway. Learn more about these exceptional amenities here.

Balcony view from one of our under construction units


We can guarantee that this Thunder Bay condo is amongst the highest quality and most luxurious condos on the market. From the skeleton of the building which has been standing strong for almost a century, to the redesigned interior, everything is constructed with reliable, and quality craftsmanship which will exceed your expectations. We made sure to bring comfort, space, quality durability and style into your home so you will have nothing to worry about. With our current residents living in completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 units, we are proud to say we have built a great reputation and solid relationships as proven within our residents testimonial. Read testimonials here!


Condos are great if you are welcoming to socialization and sharing a building with a community of others like yourself. You can socialize as much or as little as you like, but keep in mind you have close neighbours above, beside, and below you, experienced staff taking care of the building, and plenty of activities within common spaces. The condo lifestyle comes with a sense of community. Walking to the elevator, taking out the trash, or checking your mailbox may lead to frequent interactions in your daily life. This will be the perfect place to meet new people, garner new friendships and be open to being in a new community that is the Hillcrest Condos.


The Hillcrest Condo is located close to the vibrant downtown area. You’ll be in proximity to shops, recreation, the waterfront and green spaces. You’ll have the option to be able to walk, bike, drive your own vehicle or take public transportation without spending hours each day in traffic. That is one of the benefits of Thunder Bay. You’ll be able to go from one end of the city to the other in very little time. This condo in Thunder Bay is in perfect proximity to everything one would want and need to be near, while also having the freedom to access the entire city quite easily. Read more about Thunder Bay here.


Many condo developments first started in large metropolitan areas, where your view from your balcony is concrete buildings and perhaps a bird flying if you’re lucky. The magic behind Hillcrest Condos in Thunder Bay is the indestructible views of Lake Superior because we are located so high up that no new developments or buildings can ever block your view. Thunder Bay is a beautiful city in Northwestern Ontario with picturesque forests, waterfalls, lake front, and overall the vibrancy of the city itself is indescribable … you need to experience the charm for yourself.


A condo may be something different, perhaps you are used to living in a house. The great thing about condos is they allow you to own your home and not have to pay rent. All throughout Canada, condos are becoming increasingly more popular, and are holding a lot of value. Living near a thriving and continuously developing downtown area makes it appealing to people as they can easily visit new restaurants, go shopping, and check out live shows. Hillcrest Thunder Bay Condos are located in a prime neighbourhood that will always hold its appeal and be a hot area on the market. In Thunder Bay, a Hillcrest Condo is definitely a worthy investment long-term.


We all see these big empty mansions owned by celebrities where 70% of the house is not even used and shall we say … just for show. The world has been moving away from this materialistic view of the bigger the better or the more the merrier. Today more and more of us are simplifying our lives, decluttering our spaces and only hanging onto essentials. Less stuff leads way to less stress and less stress opens the doorway to a happier and healthier you. Many people are drawn to condo ownership because of this simplicity. It’s easy to see why condo ownership is rising in popularity. With a Thunder bay condo, your home practically runs itself. You can travel south for 6 months during the winter and come back without having any unexpected property damage, maintenance, or security issues.


Everyone has their own ways of life. Some of us value adventure, some of us value stability. Wherever you fall, know that perhaps a Thunder Bay condo will suit your lifestyle. No yard maintenance, and no worries about a broken furnace or leaky roof. At Hillcrest Condos we take care of all of that. It’ll give you more time to focus on the important things in life.

As you’ve reached the end of this list, our hopes is that you now have a better grasp of why the condo life is right for you. Congratulations on this new step in your life, and we hope nothing but the best for you. Your new home here at Hillcrest Condos will be your dream come true. Welcome to the neighbourhood. We’re glad to have you here!

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