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Condo Amenities

Condo Amenities

The Hillcrest Neighbourhood Village Condo Amenities

The Hillcrest Neighbourhood Village Condo development team understand the increased convenience in condominiums that possess added benefits and features provided by having useable common condo amenities for residents. The Hillcrest Neighbourhood Condo Amenities will contain the following common amenities:

Full Gym & Exercise Area

At the Hillcrest Condos, residents will have access to a full gym with exercise machines, a weight area and everything a proper gym would have (unlike other condo buildings). This means no travel time, no gym membership costs, but all the convenience of being able to exercise right in the comfort of your condo building.

Common Elevator

Convenience at your finger tips. Use the elevators to bring you home, out for an excursion or up to the rooftop with just a push of a button.

Auditorium-Style Movie Theatre

Take Super Bowl or movie nights to a whole new level on the big screen!

Multi-Use Lounges

Multi-Use Lounge 1
Capacity for approximately 100 people. This will  be perfect for catered retirement parties, birthday celebrations, bridal showers and more!
Multi-Use Lounge 2
Cooking Space with seating for approximately 20 people. This would be ideal for hosting family gatherings, watching sporting events, engagement parties, baby showers, and anniversary dinners.

4 Multi-Use Rooms

These could be used for a separate work space, your yoga practice, reading or writing, or a quiet space for any other hobbies or interests you may pursue.

Hotel-Style Guest Suite

This guest suite is a unique feature to the Hillcrest Condos and aligns with the superior hospitality that Thunder Bay is known for. When you have friends and family visiting from out of town, you may pre-book the available suite and provide your guests a complimentary place to stay. We have never seen this amenity offered in any other local condo building.

Rooftop Patio

The Hillcrest Condos project will be incorporating a beautiful rooftop patio. Due to the high location of the Hillcrest Condos in Thunder Bay, residences will enjoy exclusive panoramic views of the entire city not seen anywhere else. Take in awe-inspiring views all the way from the ski-hills at Loch Lomond, to the beaches of Lakeshore Drive, and of course up to the vast Lake Superior and Sleeping Giant. Wouldn't you love to share this vision with some of your favourite people over a beverage and stimulating conversation?

Below is a 360 degree panoramic video of what the future view for the Hillcrest residents will look like once the rooftop patio is completed.

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